IMG Weekly Update #5 – Copywriting Crash Course

Yo team,

Chilling up here on the roof, this week has been a little slow as have been a little ill after a few hectic weeks and have moving into a new flat with my good friend Max Feller.

But the routine is back as of tomorrow: Gym, Focused Work In The Morning & Calorie Deficit.

A. What We Did

We relaunched the product that the brand was originally created around.

It’s a gold plated joint holder… the original owner stopped selling it as apparently it’s illegal to distribute “paraphernalia” in the US. We used this law as the Common Enemy to unite our Community around the brand.

We got a great reaction to that content, but ended up only selling 2 of the JIG Edition ONE’s. Will try another promotion in the future and will report back if it works.

Cold traffic acquisition is going well with the Contest Leads still coming in around $0.70 and us getting the cash spent on ads back within 10 days.

Email lists is now 2.2k Vs the 600 it was when the biz was acquired just over a month ago.

B. BIGGEST Lesson Of The Week

So I wanted to share some sweet “bouncing” we’ve set up this week.

The term bouncing I believe originates from the male dating world where to “bounce” a girl around a nightclub or to different venues, increases the feeling of familiarity between the two of you in short period of time.

This, in theory can work the same in online marketing.

So I want to share how we “bounce” people around four “venues” when they first discover our brand: Website, Facebook Page, Facebook Group and Email.

– If you visit our website, when you try to leave without buying you will be given the option to enter your email address for some kind of value
– If you visit our website, the next day (only) you will see a Facebook ad thanking you for visiting and inviting you to like our Page
– If you join any of our pre-purchase email flows, you will get invited to join the Facebook Group
– If you Like our Page, you will get invited through Facebook to join our Facebook Group – this is a sweet new Facebook feature that lets you invite someone who has liked you page to join your Group, if that Group is linked to your page:

Image may contain: 1 person

If you see what we are doing here:

Bouncing people from Website To Email/Page, Page To Group, Email To Group and when people are in the Group/Page/Email they will ultimately be sent back to the Website as part of a promotion to move to the BUYERS list.

And the result?

We are both increasing the feeling of familiarity between our potential customers and ourselves WHILST in this case, tripling our ability to gain their attention when we want to sell them something.

C. Cool Stuff To Check Out

Buzzing for a talk I’m doing on Copywriting on Thursday for London Startup Marketing. If you’re in London and want to come, reply to this mail and I’ll sort you out with a ticket… if not, you can get a recording for just ¬£5 here:

Copywriting Crash Course: How To Write Words That Persuade