How To Get Free Traffic (Without Gaming Google Or Spamming People)

This post outlines how to get free traffic, but this weekly email will outline how we buy, grow and sell businesses.

I was shaking with nerves and excitement as I clicked send.

This was the email I had been waiting to send for the past 3 months. The “Open Cart” email for the launch of a product in the dating niche released during the summer of 2015:

free traffic forever

I was in the process of building the online marketplace: Virtual Valley and had a few months before the tech would be built, so decided to launch an information product.

I planned to grow the free targeted traffic to my website and then build an email list of 1,000 subscribers through creating content… and then would launch the product.

Though I didn’t actually manage to get to 1,000 subscribers, not even 500… but 200.

Not great for 3 months work.

(To read my full story, click here, you may have to request access to the Group)

And I didn’t realise what I did wrong… until recently.

When you are trying to drive traffic to your site to build your subscriber base… you need to understand WHO you want to attract, WHAT they want… and then give it to them.

So… instead of asking:

How do I get more traffic/subscribers?

We need to ask:

How do I give people what they want? (In the form of information/content)

In the summer of 2015, I asked the first question and experienced dismal results.

This post outlines how you answer the second question today, to experience monumental results.

Just as we have with our last two Internet businesses to experience an avalanche of free traffic:

how to get free traffic


tom hunt free traffic

How To Get Free Traffic

The Internet marketing game is changing:

  • Google is getting to good to game (you now actually need to create good content)
  • Content creation is proliferating (Everybody and their dog is pumping out blog posts/videos)
  • The worlds greatest paid traffic source is getting too expensive (Facebook are killing it with their ad platform, attracting the big spenders)

So where does that leave us Internet Entrepreneurs?

We can no longer keyword stuff average articles, pay for dodgy backlinks or just rely on Facebook to bring us dirt cheap leads.

Instead, we must become crafty, to find other ways of gathering mass attention to our content, and ultimately our businesses.

We must become ultra specific with the group of people that we help, create content that moves them emotionally and then promote it intelligently.

This method has been refined with my past two Internet businesses, to rapturous results…

I have then shared the method with a select few private coaching clients, and we have seen similar results.

The process consists of four simple steps:

1. Desired End Result & Hero Identification

Which in turn consists of three parts:

1a. Define Customer Avatar

Before creating ANY marketing campaign, we must understand EXACTLY who we want to attract and how we can help them.

This topic has been outlined many times by very credible sources. My favourite video on the topic is:

1b. Clarify Desired End Result

Once you have a precise idea of the type of person you are targeting we must now outline the Desired End Result they are striving to achieve on their journey.

The Desired End Result often consists of an external and an internal component.

  • What is the change in their external world that this person is looking for?
  • What is the internal emotional state that this person is striving for?

Let’s say you are selling mango growing kits through your eCommerce store, once you have defined your Customer Avatar as per 1a, you simply need to ask:

  • What is the change in their external world that this person is looking for?

To have a weekly batch of juicy, sweet mango’s.

  • What is the internal emotional state that this person is striving for?

A feeling of significance when their mango growing friends come over for dinner and taste their fresh batch of juicy, sweet mango’s.

1c. Hero Identification

We can now identify a Hero that will be the focus on the content we will create for your Customer Avatar on their journey to obtaining their Desired End Result.

Your hero could be yourself, one of your existing customers or an influencer.

With our Shopify app: Sneez, our Customer Avatar was an early stage Shopify brand that was looking to grow their store (Desired End Result). It just so happened, that we have been running our Shopify store: sTitch Leggings for the past 4 years.

So we selected sTitch Leggings as our Hero and started documenting the journey of the brand to $100k per month as content for the Sneez Customer Avatar.

2. Stupendous Storytelling & Crafty Content

Since the evolution of speech: storytelling has been used to pass on knowledge from generation to generation. There is something special, something captivating about a story for a human.

No other content type commands attention like a story.

And now we have our Customer Avatar, their Desired End Result AND our Hero defined, what do you think we are going to do now?

Tell a story.

If you have completed Step 1 effectively, your story will be like crack cocaine to your Customer Avatar.

Whenever I look to do something, I always look to the people that are the best at doing that thing.

Arguably the best story teller of our time is George Lucas: the creator of Star Wars. He was good friends with a guy called Joseph Campbell, who codified the story.

He created a framework for effective storytelling in his book: A Hero With A Thousand Faces.

This framework has since been used as the structure for some of the most well known stories of all time: Star Wars, Lord Of The Rings and Harry Potter.

And just about every other successful Hollywood production.

You have two options here… publish updates on the a single Hero’s story at regular intervals as we did with Sneez.

Or publish regular full stories of different Hero’s.

Either works, and both will be extremely consumable by your Customer Avatar.

(You can also layer in other clever stuff into your content JUST like Dj Khaled does.)

3. Promotion Pandemonium

You now have a story detailing the journey of your Hero towards the Desired End Result of your Customer Avatar.

You could publish the content on your blog and wait for your prospective audience to find you…

Or you could go to where they are, and invite them to consume your story (no mention of promotion).

Step 1 is to create a list of ALL online communities where your Customer Avatar hangs out:

  • Facebook Groups
  • Reddit
  • Linkedin
  • Slack Communities
  • Forums
  • Twitter Lists/Hashtags
  • Google+
  • Instagram Hashtags
  • Other relevant (and popular) blogs

And the join these communities, comments on a few threads/posts and introduce yourself.

Here is the simple step by step process we use to promote the stories of my businesses and clients businesses in Facebook Groups.

Using this process, you can get FREE evergreen posts in vibrant Facebook Groups like:

And awesome exposure on Reddit:

Though the mechanics of each platform will change, the principles outlined in the post on Facebook Group Marketing remain constant on Reddit/forums etc.

4. Conversion Chaos

If the above steps have been executed, you will now have a solid flow of free traffic heading over to your site.

But what now?

What was the point in aggregating this attention?

As a wise marketer once said:

Before someone will give you money… they must give you their time.

In order to monetise this information, we must understand more about our Customer Avatar and their journey.

We could also say that we have created a net of potential customers:

(If you have your Facebook Pixel active on your story content)

And now must formulate a slippery slide to convert these engaged potential customers into rabid buyers.

This will usually start by offerring a premium peice of information, free quotation or small discount in exchange for an email address.

The ability for your potential customer to do this must be reduced as much as possible through Leadboxes and onsite retargeting.

(Leadpages and Optimonk will do this for you.)

Facebook Website Conversion ads can be used to retarget the people that consume your story, but do not convert.

Here is the ad we ran to people that consumed the Sneez/sTitch Leggings story:

This add sent the warm Custom Audience to a pre-sell page that prompted them to create a free trial for the Sneez software.

You now have a large number of your ideal customers flooding to your website, signing up to receive further value and then ultimately converting into customers.

Back To The Story…

You now have the proven, step by step formula to get free traffic…

Want more help?

No worries, message me here:

Anyway, back to the story I started at the top of this post….

The email was sent out to the 200 email subscribers that I managed to collect during the 3 months.

The open and click through rates were average, but we only sold 1 of the $197 products I had created.

I had to cancel the product and refund our single customer.

I did not give people what they wanted in the form of information/content, and had paid the price.

But I had learnt… I had changed internally.

The pain of this failure has forced me to transformed into the type of person that gives people what they want.

The opposite of the person that creates rubbish products/services and sells them to unsuspecting individuals.

And this is what I believe makes a true Internet Entrepreneur: the ability to understand what a person wants and then give it to them.

(At a profit of course ;)).

This is what I want for you… to become an Internet Entrepreneur.