Stop Writing & Start Stacking: 41 Weird Ways To Monetise Your Blog

I hate being poor.

I hate not being able to get the double vanilla shot in my Venti white chocolate Mocha, twice a day at my local Starbucks…

I hate having to wait 2 minutes to pick up the other passenger in my UberPOOL…

I hate waking up and having to turn my electric blanket off during the day to “save” electricity.

But do not worry, I have no intention of forcing any of you worthy Experts to experience any of those terrifying situations.

I mean, you are the person waking up at 6 am to construct that MASSIVE new post…

You are the one replying to subscriber emails for FREE late at night when you should be spending time with your family…

You are the one spending each and every Sunday tweaking your keyword strategy….

You make those sacrifices for the greater good of the internet… and do you know what?

You deserve to get pa$d.

THIS is why I am writing these words…

So that you can stop writing so many words… and start stacking more ca$h.

I asked 40 of the worlds best bloggers…

How do you monetise your blog? (And please highlight any strange methods…)

1: Nathan Chan – Foundr

Try to sell t-shirts, with an epic fail. But that’s the thing right? You test test test test. Learn. Then test some more.

2: Darren Rowse – Problogger

I once did a 24-hour blogathon where I posted a blog post every 5 minutes for 24 hours to raise money for a cause I was supporting. It wasn’t making money for me but it did raise quite a bit!

3: Benji Hyam – Grow And Convert

We have been monetizing our blog by doing in-person events.

I guess that’s only strange because most people are making money off their blog online.

We’ve found that new hires typically take 6 months to a year to start getting ROI with content marketing so we train them in person to help them start getting ROI for their company faster.

4: John Jantsch– Duct Tape Marketing

I guess it depends on the ultimate goal – I make a lot of money from my blog because I don’t try to make money from my blog.

My blog is and always has been a platform for my brand and that has given me the ability to capture significant traffic from SEO, build a decent size email list and create products, services, and offerings that my community of readers are interesting in buying.

Stop focusing on monetizing and start focusing on serving a community and watch what happens.

Oh, and sorry, this is the slow path.

5: Nick Loper – Side Hustle Nation

There are several ways Side Hustle Nation generates income.

I have affiliate links, sell my own products and services, and accept the occasional sponsored post.

I also accept sponsors on my podcast, The Side Hustle Show. The first “product” I sold directly to my readers was a private mastermind group, hosted by me.

I charged $97/mo for a 3-month group, sent it out to my email list of around 700 at the time, and got 6 or 7 applications.

6: Paul O’Brien – Seobrien

I attempted to cross sell music.

Not terribly strange I realise but here I have a professional website wherein you can see my affinity for music, and I believed affiliate revenues from music might be valuable.

7: Andrew Warner – Mixergy

I sell courses taught by proven founders via membership.

I think the best way to grow a content business is by selling TO YOUR AUDIENCE, instead of selling your audience TO ADVERTISERS.

8: Daniel Scocco – Daily Writing Tips

50% of the revenues come from advertising.

That includes Google AdSense (I find their CPMs very competitive, the fill all my inventory and payment is always on time!) and direct sales banner ads. The other 50% comes from a subscription.

I used to make good money with affiliate products too, but you need to be actively looking for the best offers and promoting them, and I haven’t had much time for that lately.

The other 50% comes from paid subscriptions.

Subscribers receive our content daily via email, and they get access to a members’ area with 800+ interactive exercises.

This combination is working well because many visitors don’t plan to become subscribers, but they still generate revenues via our ads.

9: Nicole Rende – Revenue River

Turning articles into an eBook that you can sell on Amazon will help you earn money off of those blogs you worked so hard to write.

You can then use your blog to promote your eBook by giving discounts and free copies of your book.

In the end, you could potentially generate more money than if you had added some advertisements to your site, which in my opinion can hurt the aesthetics of your blog.

10: MonetizePros – Monetize Pros

The key to successful monetization is to use a mixture of things, not just one “method”. Whether you’re an Amazon Affiliate or in the display advertising industry, try to find new ways of monetizing your content and keep testing different things. Of course, don’t neglect your users and make sure to only recommend products/services that you actually trust.

Focus on the long-term and creating value.

11: Priya Florence – Blog Brandz

I don’t recommend monetizing your blog (although a lot of people would recommend ads, sponsored posts etc.).

Instead, I recommend using your blog as a springboard to launch a business, offering products or services, that will grow and help you earn much more and more consistently than what you would from ads or sponsors.

12: Matthew Kaboomis Loomis – Build Your Own Blog

I offer a lot of free, helpful stuff (like a blog setup guide) and incorporate affiliate partnerships into the free tips.

I also build an email list, advertise, do some JVPs and create my own products.

13: Karen Evans – Start Blogging Online

I monetize my blog by helping others get started with their blog as well! Writing about the best blogging services allows me to earn affiliate commissions.

I love researching and learning about new blogging products and services and sharing that knowledge with the world…it’s a win-win for everyone!

14: Matt Banner – On Blast Blog

I am a major proponent of affiliate marketing for creating a profitable blog.

As you employ SEO tactics and promote your content on social media, you’ll gain a following of people who trust your opinion. This opens up the opportunity for you to recommend high-quality products and services that you know will benefit them.

It’s a great way to give back to your readers and bring in a steady income from your blog all-in-one.

15: Mark Thompson – The Lifestyle Marketer

What is the strangest method you have ever used to monetise your blog? After tracking all the stats from all my blogs for the past 12 years the only way I now monetise any blog is list building and then course creation

16: Matt Woodward –

I monetize my blog by helping people.

When you focus your time and effort on helping people solve their problems to overcome hurdles, that is when the magic really happens.

There is not a more powerful form of monetisation.

17: Clyde Smith – Crowd Funding For Musicians

Currently I monetise Flux Research by using it as a writing portfolio to help get paid gigs. I’m monetizing Crowdfunding For Musicians with affiliate sales.

18: Michael Pozdnev – I Wanna Be A Blogger

Not long ago I had a successful experience in monetization of my blog that I had been neglecting and hadn’t updated for more than a year! As it turned out to be, the secret is rather simple.

Firstly, I tested whether my readers were willing to buy anything from me. Using Google Analytics, I determined the most popular section of that blog.

Then I created a simple sales funnel. It consisted of a free email course (2 lessons) and a landing page with the possibility to purchase my eBook.

When a user clicked the Buy button, a popup would show up where I was asking the user to type in his/her email informing that he/she had been added to the buyer’s list.

This way I could test different prices for my then even not created eBook.

As soon as I got a conversion of 5% (from the number of new subscribers), I started to create that eBook.

Within a month it was completed. I added some more free lessons into my email course (I increased their number to 5).

I created a good sales page with two versions of the eBook.

And I started getting a real passive income.

The first month the book brought me $700.

Conclusion: test in real conditions the ways to monetise your blog.

19: Mohit Tater – Entrepreneurship Life

I monetize my blog in various ways from affiliate marketing to advertising income.

I also get paid coaching clients through my blog.

20: Efrén Muro – Efrenmuro

I offer consulting.

21: Sean Ogle – Location Rebel

The easiest way for a brand new blogger to monetize a blog is to sign up for the Amazon Affiliate Program.

It won’t pay you much, but you can start to get a sense of how affiliate marketing works while recommending products you actually use.

From there you can also get ideas for what your audience is interested in, which can then allow you to do more in depth affiliate promotions or create products of your own.

22: Alex Pop – Rand Marketing

What is the strangest method you have ever used to monetize your blog?

Generally, the best way to monetize a blog is by giving value for value.

The more specific way you do this is through a two step process. The first is to obtain the email of a person.

The second, and most difficult, is to obtain the consent of that person. By offering value for the value you build trust and are not seen as promotional and spammy, which 95% of companies are.

It circles back to hard work, genuine interest, and passion for what you are writing about.

Emails without consent bring bad leads. Consent without emails is bad business as your marketing team has nothing to follow up on.

Provide value to your peoples and you will create an audience that wants to see you perform!

23: Justin Cooke – Empire Flippers

What is the strangest method you have ever used to monetize your blog?

We offer a premium brokerage service to entrepreneurs looking to buy, sell, and invest in websites and online businesses.

Over the years we’ve built up a large audience through our blog and iTunes podcast and have leveraged that through building a marketplace to match those buyers and sellers.

24: Grit and Glamour – Grit And Glamour

Ads and sponsored posts

25: Jamie Spencer – Make A Website Hub

I predominantly focus on affiliate marketing by reviewing & recommending products.

26: Ryan Biddulph – Blogging From Paradise

I had a Donate button on my old blog. Not my new one.

But re-thinking it.

Seems strange because we’re pros but some folks want to give what they can because you’ve helped them on a deeper level. Open up those cash streams guys!

27: Anja Skrba – First Site Guide


What is the strangest method you have ever used to monetize your blog?

When I started, I’ve tried to use Google AdSense together with affiliate products. That never worked.

28: Dave Nevogt – Hubstaff

Getting free trials for our products

29: Gail Gardner – GrowMap

Primarily by selling services.

30: Sampath – Sampath Speaks

What is the strangest method you have ever used to monetize your blog?

Selling the theme I created for the blog.

Started my career online as a Freelance WordPress Developer, I built a theme & sold the same to a few by advertising on the same blog 🙂

31: Jen Miller – NeedSomeoneToBlog

What is the strangest method you have ever used to monetize your blog?

Not sure that you’d call it strange, but I commissioned a jingle and have used that song to bring in traffic via radio ads and my own podcast, Be Seen Blogging. People love it.

Now people sing it to me often because it’s “catchy.”

What’s more is those people understand the service I offer and now spread the word for me.

32: Derric Haynie – Splashopm 

What is the strangest method you have ever used to monetize your blog?

You shouldn’t “monetize” your blog.

The goal should always be to collect emails and sell to people later.

They aren’t reading your content to buy from you (most likely), unless it’s Middle-funnel content, then just send them along to the sales page (and you should already have their email at this point so you should be marketing to them on multiple channels).

33: John-Bunya Klutse –

It is not strange, I just convince people to advertise on my blog. I leverage on my professional network.

34: Raelyn Tan – Raelyn Tan

I made use of holidays like Black Friday to offer extra bonuses with your courses or services.

That would lead to a spike in sales. (if this is already used as Black Friday is coming soon: I started a free challenge and then offered to do a customized report (people love customized anything) for the participants at a no-brainer price point)

35: Johnny Ward – One Step Forward

Nothing out of the ordinary to be honest, although I have my gym membership and my Invisalign all sponsored!

36: Darby Inbound – Revenue River

Allow a Chinese company to write content on my blog which had no traffic.

Ranked high for high ranking Chinese keywords. Sold it.

37: Kayla – Ivorymix

Selling stock photos don’t immediately seem like a digital product to sell, but I do it – all the time!

38: Carsten Lentfer – JustYumYum

Sponsored posts and reviews…

39: Tor Refsland – Time Management Chef

I deliberately had CTA buttons that didn´t work on a sales page. People who were interested emailed me and told me that the CTA buttons didn´t work. I picked up a high-end client that way.

40: Sophie Lizard – Be A Freelance Blogger

Define “strange”! I don’t think I’ve done anything particularly weird to monetize my blog, but then what seems normal to me might seem strange to some people.

I’ve sold services, information, courses and occasional affiliate partner products.

That’s all pretty standard stuff, right?

41: Cody Lister – MarketDoc

Flash sale of a product that didn’t yet exist (I later created the product).

Thanks, guys…

OK, so what did you learn?

You learned that yes, there is a myriad of ways to monetize your blog.

So pick one… go out there and start executing 😉

You can also learn how to get free traffic for your blog and outsource all the hard work here.