Top 5 Learnings From Digital Marketer’s Traffic & Conversion Summit 2017

Here are my takeaways from the game changing Digital Marketer Traffic & Conversion Summit:

(As an Internet Entrepreneur, Traffic & Conversion are two of the most valuable skills you can learn… as what’s the point in building a valuable business system if no one know’s it exists?)

I have taken my 5 BEST talks and detailed my biggest insight from each:

1. The NEW Customer Value Optimization — Ryan Deiss

We MUST treat marketing like dating. Ryan talks about how he didn’t ask his wife to marry him when they first met… he knew they were going to get married, but didn’t ask until she was ready and hinting at him to get ready.

You need to map out your customer’s journey from not knowing you, to knowing you exist, to being interested in you, to taking some action to hear more from you to BUYING.

And then tailor your communication at each stage of this journey: e.g. you have just taken action X, therefore the next logical step is for you to take action Y.

The job of the marketer is to move a person seamlessly and subtly down the sales OR value funnel (they are the same thing)

2. The Ecommerce Marketers Guide to Email Automation — Ezra Firestone

Similar to Ryan’s talk above, Ecom email marketing must be relevant to the stage in your relationship with your visitor.

Don’t send the same email to someone that has only visited your homepage that has visited your product page.

(Klaviyo can do this)

3. Facebook Messenger Bots: Leveraging Artificial Intelligence for Profit — Ezra Firestone

Get a ManyChat account (see link below) and then test out your Dynamic Product Ad’s with a CTA to Send Message and give them a secret code in the ad.

They say the secret code to your Page in Messenger and then you program an auto response in ManyChat to give them the discount code outlined in the ad.

4. Wicked Smart Ways to Get More Out of the Traffic You Already Have — Molly Pittman

Use Optimonk for “Onsite Retargeting”, offerring specific product upgrades for specific pages that appear as people leave your site.

If you get an extra 5 subscribers for every 100 site visitors, this could have a massive impact on the amount you can spend to get more traffic 😉

And want to know how to get more visitors for free? Check out the Free Traffic Forever Formula.

5. How DigitalMarketer Uses Facebook Communities to Increase Conversions, Reduce Churn and Change People’s Lives — Suzi Nelson

Add a link to your new Facebook Community on your thank you pages for your optins.

This has many benefits:

A. You can add value and give further CTA’s to your community
B. People will invite their friends into your community, bringing free leads
C. You can learn more about your Customer Avatar, understanding them more, to help them more

(And if you want to add/extract value from the groups of others, check out this guide on Facebook Group Marketing)

Hope these were of value, I think that if you implement just ONE of these insights over the next few days, it could have a massive impact on your business.

And if you want to pick up the FULL notes from EVERY session, you can using this link 🙂

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