Tom Hunt

President - University Of Help Marketing

The University Of Help Marketing

How to help people, build raving fans and skyrocket your revenue.

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During your first semester at The University Of Help Marketing, I am going to reveal a method that has taken me 4 long years of selling things online to hone and perfect. 


BONUS - The One Simple Email That Unlocked $1798.89 In Sales In 97 Minutes From An Existing Customer List

To get you started right away, you will be sent an email template that a number of my clients have sent directly to their existing customer list to activate same day referral sales.


Customer Timeline

WHO your Perfect Customer is and more specifically the journey that they have started and WHAT they are trying to achieve.


Customer Activation

HOW and WHAT you need to do to faciliate the the first step that your Perfect Customer will take with you and your business.


Customer Journey

WHAT else does your Perfect Customer need to learn/invest in to reach their desired end state? And WHICH of these will you charge for.


Customer Harvesting

HOW to (profitably!) get boat loads of your Perfect Customers from strangers to Activation.