Extreme Engagement: 6 Simple Steps To Free Traffic From Facebook Groups

In this post, I’m going to show you how to dominate Facebook Group Marketing: how to get an avalanche of laser targeted and qualified free traffic from Facebook Groups.

(Note this method forms part of the Free Traffic Forever Formula)

Posts NOT like this:

That dissolve into the depths of the worlds largest social network, never to be seen again…

But posts like this:

^^ Yep, completely free engagement on an evergreen post that continues to be updated each and every week (bumping it back up to the top of the Group for another injection of qualified traffic for the site promoting our software business).

I then went on to share this method with a couple of Free Traffic Forever private clients… and they started getting results too:

Again, 100% free engagement for a physical product…

I mean, even Facebook are prioritising their Groups, why aren’t you?

People are self identifying themselves into communities that would buy your sh*t, why are you not there?

But before… let’s talk about incentives. An immensely interesting and far reaching topic… but that’s for another blog post.

We just need to know… who are the interested parties?

  • You
  • Facebook Group Members
  • Facebook Group Admin
  • Facebook

And how are these parties incentivised?

  • Your incentive – get an avalanche of free, qualified traffic
  • Facebook Group Members incentive – consumption of relevant content
  • Facebook Group Admin incentive – keep people engaged within their Group
  • Facebook’s incentive – keep people engaged on their platform so they can make more cash from ads

This method of Facebook Group Marketing only works if we can engineer a WIN:WIN:WIN:WIN.

So then the question becomes… how can we incentivise each of these parties effectively.

Let’s imagine you dropped this post:

facebook group marketing

How are the incentives?

  • Your incentive – zero engagement probably lead to zero leads – 1/10
  • Facebook Group Members incentive – zero engagement, bland, poor communication – 1/10
  • Facebook Group Admin incentive – no one in their group engaged – 1/10
  • Facebook’s incentive – I doubt any transactions were facilitated through Facebook via this post – 1/10

A grand total of 4/40.

Compared with this post:

  • Your incentive – thousands of laser targeted visitors sent to your site over a period of months – 8/10
  • Facebook Group Members incentive – massive engagement, great content both in the Group and on your blog – 9/10
  • Facebook Group Admin incentive – large percentage of the Group engaged, though some lead out of Group – 6/10
  • Facebook’s incentive – section of their user base further engaged, though some lead off their platform  – 6/10


So how do you do this?

Here are the 6 simple steps to effective Facebook Group Marketing:

1. Understand The Person

I’m not going to go into marketing 101… but how do you expect to get people to give you their most valuable resource: attention… without you understanding them?

I assume that if you are reading this right now, that you have an online business and therefore have some idea of who your ideal customer is.

If not, go and speak to them and work it out.

Let’s see how I speak directly to our Customer Avatar in this post:

a. I know they are an eCom store owner

b. I know they are part of the Facebook Group I am posting in (obviously)

c. There is a large amount of “Guru’s” selling high priced courses in the eCom space and people sometimes get frustrated by this

d. I call out a common enemy: people dropshipping bland, un-differentiated products

e. I know our ideal customer wants to build a real brand

f. I know one of the biggest pain points in the eCom world right now is scaling Facebook Ads

How do you think one of our ideal customers feels when they read this post?

Compared to all the other, un-targeted, irrelevant ads they see around the internet?

2. Tell A Story

Without doubt, we are addicted to stories.

They are like crack to us.


I don’t think we need to go into the evolutionary biology, let’s just say that stories were used to be pass on wisdom between generations.

So you need to tell a story…. a story about what?

A story about one of your ideal customers reaching their desired end result.

In our example, we told the story of how our eCom store: sTitch Leggings was growing to $100k per month.

We chose this business, not just because we also run it, but because an ideal customer for our Shopify app Sneez, would want to hear this story… and would potentially sign up to use our tool.

The story was hosted on the Sneez blog, you can watch the first instalment here.

To learn more about how to structure your the story itself (HINT: watch Star Wars ;)), check out the Free Traffic Forever Formula (Most of the formula is outlined in those 3 free videos behind the optin ;)).

3. Find The Groups

Once you have an understanding of your customer avatar and have an outline for your story… it’s time to find your Groups.

This takes about 10 minutes, simply head to Facebook and search in “Groups” for keywords relating to your brand.

Ask to join them all, and be enthusiastic if you get screening questions before being approved.

When you get in, don’t start posting your content RIGHT away (though I am massively guilty of this), it is a good idea to leave a couple of days, like some posts and even make some constructive comments.

Every relationship you build… will bring you more engagement when you come to posting.

Bear in mind that the same approach applies to other online communities: Linkedin, Forums, Blogs, Reddit (though there are slight nuances).

4. Craft The Post

The post itself… this is do or die.

And average post will get you average results…. a BOOMING post will bring you great results.

Remember the incentives?

Your Facebook Group Admin and Facebook themselves just want people to engage within the Group. Your post MUST be good enough to get people to engage.

Only then, do you have the right to Drop The Link in Step 5.

Let’s take another look at that BEAST of a post.

Oh and by the way, this was not the only post in an eCom related Group promoting our story… it has been posted in grand total of 43.

With results varying from almost as much engagement as this one… to being banned instantly.

Though as Tim Ferris says:

“Better to beg or forgiveness than ask for permission”

a. Pattern interrupt – wake people up with an original opening

b. Start telling a story (remember: stories are like crack to humans)

c. State the desired end result that your ideal customer desperately wants to achieve

d. Answer objections (people think I’m promoting a high priced course, when in reality ALL the content is free)

e. Call out a common enemy (won’t go into why this works, but it does)

f. Drop bullet points for people to scan

g. Invite them to join you on this journey…

h. Give an initial CTA to like/comment if they want to see your first story instalment

By including all or just most of these criteria, you will be well on your way to MASSIVE engagement… and then you:

5. Drop The Link

Of course, ultimately we want people to leave Facebook and head over to your blog, where you continue to tell the story.

But your timing needs to be precise.

We need to achieve the fine balance between engagement on Facebook and traffic.

Remember Facebook’s incentive?

They want to keep people engaged on their platform. So it makes sense for them to reduce reach (using their algorithm) for link posts.

So the first iteration of your post has NO link, just text and images.

We wait for that engagement…

And only then do we DROP THE LINK.

But before that, make sure that you like and comment on EVERY comment that is placed on your article:


In this niche, it is fruitful to ask about what people are currently working on. Remember, more engagement leads to more engagement.

The precise time that you DROP THE LINK is still in testing.

There are lurkers who will not engage, but will click… we are potentially missing these people when we hold out for too long before DROPPING THE LINK.

I usually wait for 5 or so likes and a few comments before dropping… but feel free to test yourself and let me know in the comments below.

And then you edit the post as you can see here:

AND place a comment:

This will inject that qualified traffic directly onto your blog.

ADVANCED: we use LeadDyno to drop affiliate links in each Group we post in so we can track where leads/sales came from. Regardless of whether you have official affiliate relationships with Group Admins, I would recommend doing this for tracking purposes.

This way, you can go back to the Group Admin in the future to purchase more attention if their audience converted for you.

(NOTE: For advanced tips from Dj Khaled on how to create the awesome content, check out this post.)

6. Nurture Over Time

Like any good story, yours should have multiple instalments.

And of course, when you release a new instalment (we did this each Wednesday), you can jump back into the comments and link out, boosting your post back to the top of the Group:

And remember, stay engaged in those comments: liking and responding to each one.

Facebook and the Group Admin just want engagement, if you give them engagement, they will be more than happy to give you that traffic.

You now how the knowledge… and the skills… to… well… not be this guy:


And what now?

You have this avalanche of free, qualified traffic heading to your site, it’s time to maximise the lifetime value of that traffic through Facebook Retargeting, Onsite Retargeting and Lead Generation.

And if you would like me to post a comprehensive guide on how we (and my private consulting clients) have done this, please comment below… if there is enough demand, I will 😉

Want to learn more about how Facebook Posting fit’s into the Free Traffic Forever method?

Yep, I share all in this video: